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Sleep. Breath. Live.

Improve your health & quality of life with restful sleep! No more medication. No more C-PAP machine. No more drowsiness. Our experts offer easy at-home testing and simple solutions for lasting relief from jaw & neck pain, frequent headaches, ringing in the ears, and other symptoms of sleep-disordered breathing.

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Sleep-apnea is a medical problem with a dental solution

Improving Lives With Airway Dentistry

A compromised airway is frequently the root cause of many common symptoms people suffer with day in and day out, unable to find answers.

Over the years we've found that many patients struggling with fatigue, daytime sleepiness, headaches, neck and/or jaw (TMJ) pain, tinnitus often have undiagnosed or untreated sleep breathing disorders. This can predispose them to weight, gain, heart palpitations, acid reflux or GERD, high blood pressure and event depression and anxiety. 

At VIA Health Group (VIA = Vitality In Airway), we focus on solving your symptoms once and for all by rooting out and addressing the underlying cause.

  • Comprehensive, holistic care for your total health and wellness
  • We work directly with your primary care provider & specialists
  • You don't have to wear a C-PAP anymore with oral appliance therapy

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The dental sleep medicine experts at VIA Health Group focus on simple sleep apnea solutions.

Our Simple Process to the Restful Sleep You Deserve



We'll perform a comprehensive oral evaluation for signs & symptoms of sleep disorders including high-tech diagnostic imagery with 3D digital xrays & scans to view your airway.


Home Sleep Test

No need to go to a lab and get hooked up with wires like a test subject. We have home sleep testing that allows you to get a more genuine night sleep during testing.



We commonly treat sleep disorders with proprietary custom oral appliance therapy to comfortably open your airway for restful sleep with no mask or hose.


Reap the Benefits

Our patients frequently experience not only improvement in their sleep, but also in their overall health. Quality sleep increases energy, decreases stress, and reduces risk of disease.

Meet Your Doctor

Dr. Jeff Danner

Craniofacial Sleep Medicine Certified Provider

Dr. Jeff Danner has successfully treated patients from all over the world suffering from jaw joint and facial pain, headaches and sleep apnea. He offers that expertise and his years of experience to patients in Canton, Ohio and New York, NY, providing a comprehensive system for eliminating facial, jaw and head pain, and alleviating related issues of often unrecognized sleep disordered breathing. 

  • Trained internationally in the specialized treatment of facial pain, headaches & pain of the TMJ (temporobandibular joint)
  • Offers non-surgical, non-medication, non-CPAP Oral Appliance Therapy to treat or eliminate obstructive sleep apnea & pain
  • Uses comprehensive computerized methods to diagnose and treat patients with pain, daytime sleepiness & fatigue
  • His unique treatment for craniomandibular management offer proven results with an overall improved quality of life

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Available Services

Snoring/Sleep Apnea

Snoring may be common, but it's NOT normal. We offer treatment for sleep abnormalities that cause snoring, gasping, apnea, and other interrupted sleep patterns.

TMJ/Jaw Pain

For patients struggling with pain or locking in the temporo-mandibular joint (TMJ), oral appliance therapy offers a comfortable and comprehensive solution.

Headaches & Migraines

An open airway during sleep can provide much needed oxygen and relief for sufferers of frequent headaches, migraines, and neck pain.

C-PAP Alternative

Not everyone wants to sleep with a big mask on their head. We have comfortable alternative treatments that allow you to travel and get quality sleep anywhere you go.

Tinnitus/Ringing in the Ears

Chronic and persistent ringing in the ears (called tinnitus) may be caused by inflammation related to airway obstruction, can be relieved with custom treatment.

Daytime Fatigue

Regularly waking up sleepy in the morning and feeling drowsy during the day is a common symptom of sleep disordered breathing, which can be easily treated.


I have not been waking up nearly as much

"I went to Dr Danner because he specializes in airway and breathing dentistry. I have been using the VIVOS device for my sleep apnea for about 6 weeks now. So far, I am definitely noticing a difference in my sleeping habits. I have not been waking up nearly as much as I used to before the VIVOS therapy. I am very satisfied with my progress to date."

Leisa G, Recent Patient

Took the time to explain everything to me

"Dr. Danner took the time to explain everything to me and how it correlated with my symptoms made so much sense. He also made sure my questions were answered as did Lee Ann. I look forward to my next appointment as I start the work-up and eventually proceed with the treatment plan. I am excited and hopeful for the outcome!"

Misty B, Recent Patient

Patient trust is foremost

"What a relief it was to be introduced to Dr. Danner and his staff! Dr. Danner’s friendly technicians are pros with the computer aided diagnoses equipment delivering vital info to the doctor; everything is explained in advance and during treatment. Patient trust is foremost and Dr. Danner will not proceed without ensuring your comfort. I highly recommend."

Jeffrey R, Recent Patient

Airway Resources

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