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Dr. Jeff Danner

Craniofacial Sleep Medicine Certified Provider

Dr. Jeff Danner has successfully treated patients from all over the world suffering from jaw joint and facial pain, headaches and sleep apnea. He offers that expertise and his years of experience to patients in Canton, Ohio and New York, NY, providing a comprehensive system for eliminating facial, jaw and head pain, and alleviating related issues of often unrecognized sleep disordered breathing. 

  • Trained internationally in the specialized treatment of facial pain, headaches & pain of the TMJ (temporobandibular joint)
  • Offers non-surgical, non-medication, non-CPAP Oral Appliance Therapy to treat or eliminate obstructive sleep apnea & pain
  • Uses comprehensive computerized methods to diagnose and treat patients with pain, daytime sleepiness & fatigue
  • His unique treatment for craniomandibular management offer proven results with an overall improved quality of life

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"I went to Dr Danner because he specializes in airway and breathing dentistry. I have been using the VIVOS device for my sleep apnea for about 6 weeks now. So far, I am definitely noticing a difference in my sleeping habits. I have not been waking up nearly as much as I used to before the VIVOS therapy. I am very satisfied with my progress to date. Although I have about 18 months to go with the total therapy, I am optimistic that most of my symptoms will disappear."

Lisa G, Recent Patient

We Make The Health Of Our Patients A Priority

Dr. Danner also maintains a private dental practice in Canton, Ohio, providing patients with dental implant surgery and restoration, full mouth reconstruction, oral surgery, sedation dentistry, aesthetic dentistry including Invisalign & Sure Smile orthodontics, porcelain veneers, and dermal fillers and Botox for aesthetics and control of pain.

Each member of the highly professional staff at Danner Dental and VIA Health Group is available to discuss individual needs. The entire team has ample experience and provide a caring, supportive approach to dental care and patient needs. They’re happy to answer questions, give advice, and offer a relaxing environment.


Dr. Danner and his team want to make it as simple as possible to know whether his technologies and expert team can help. It's easy to get started with our prescreening assessment.